Michael’s Story

IMG_2841Michael began his portfolio management and securities analysis career in the early 1990’s.  However, his roots in the industry date back to two events.  At age seven, Michael received a book about the stock  market from a family friend.  He was so interested that his senior research paper in high school was written on systematic and unsystematic risks.  More telling though was a day sitting at the breakfast table when he was caught staring at his mother’s tired expression.  For this single mother had just completed another 12 hour nursing shift.  It was that moment that fired up his passion to help people as he realized at a very young age that most investors, and women and seniors in particular, needed a trusted advocate when dealing with the stock market and financial concerns.

Michael was first privileged to perform research in conjunction with work published by famed investor, Dr. David Dreman.  This is where he developed a bias for contrarian thinking, behavioral finance and value investing.  Right in the midst of banking consolidation, he assisted in asset and liability management for a regional bank. This position working closely with the bank’s CFO, CEO and portfolio manager allowed Michael to gain experience in institutional fixed-income management and, more importantly, to understand the inner-workings of financial institutions.  The bank was later purchased by a larger bank, so in 1995, Michael joined Wheat First Securities in Richmond VA. For six years, he had the privilege to serve as research analyst, portfolio manager, and equity strategist.  He followed consumer stocks for a 4-Star Rated capital appreciation mutual fund and played a key role in the development of many of the investment strategy services still available today through Wells Fargo Advisors.  As an equity strategist in the High Net Worth Advisory Services Group, he was credited with designing and running a portfolio review program that advised over $2 billion in client assets in its first year. Michael traveled across the country speaking on topics, such as portfolio management, equity research, and the use of technology in the delivery of client-centric advice.  He also authored hundred’s of economic and market commentaries relied upon by financial advisors and their clients.

Michael joined Triangle Securities in 2001, from Wachovia Securities, as Chief Investment Officer. He led the portfolio management team with a passion for the highest standards of integrity and professional excellence.  He was responsible for advice that included asset allocation, tactical strategy, securities analysis and portfolio implementation.

A graduate of James Madison University, he has earned the distinction of Chartered Financial Analyst and is member of the CFA Institute. Michael enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, and playing USTA competitive tennis.

Advice for Contacting Michael

Please contact me professionally at mdhakerem@gmail.com

I enjoy connecting with people, and my professional expertise is often sought by private and institutional clients, business leaders, and fiduciaries in the areas of custom portfolio solutions, asset allocation, securities research, economics, behavioral finance, financial information technologies, and RIA practice management.


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